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Sword SS01

SS01 vs SS02

The SS01 features thinner blades and is superior in control for precision cutting. While the swivel technology between the SS01 and SS02 are the same, the blades of the SS01 comes to a narrow tip and are thin. This is ideal for use as a precision shear when using the 5.7" option.


If you are a swivel user, or are experiencing hand problems, you must try this. The moment your hand grips a Mizutani swivel thumb shear you will know it is in a class above all others. The unmatched quality of the bearing system and the truly ergonomic design of the swivel make these scissors superior to any other swivel available.


The unique one-arm double swivel rotates through an entire range of motion for all stylists. Unimaginably smooth, this shear may be copied by others but never duplicated exactly.


*Lefty available as custom order.

Sword SS01

PriceFrom $1,450.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Mizutani

  • Cobalt Alloy Extramarise ll

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