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A blunt cutting tool optimal for barbering techniques. It has a sturdy weight, with a semi offset handle featuring a large thumb ring. ( Inserts available upon request ). 100% hand made, every marking you see on this model is created by a hammer in hand resulting in the distinctive texture of this shear.


Out of all of the creativity and business success realized within the beauty industry, Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier based out of Rotterdam, Netherlands has left one of the most pronounced marks within the barber culture.

At Mizutani, we work to service the best by the support of the best. The early days of learning fundamentals as an artist, learning the architecture of how to create hairstyles in combination with knowledge of your instrument for production becomes an integral part of the joy experienced behind the chair as a hairdresser matures in their career.

One such tool is this collaboration model with Leen from Schorem.

“This scissor is influenced by Brutalism”.

A type of design characterized by the use of concrete, as well as industrial materials such as wood, glass, steel, brass, and brick. In terms of shapes and forms, brutalist design is organic, with rough and unpolished textures.


PriceFrom $1,700.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Nano Powder Metal®

  • Mizutani

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